For Your Information

We have been monitoring the Covid situation and received more cases over the weekend. With positive cases and contract tracing, nearly one-third of our students and staff are currently affected by this. 

Both campuses will be closed and doing on-line learning until Tuesday, December 14. Students with no Covid-like symptoms can return on December 14.

Please read your email for additional guidelines.

If your child has Covid-like symptoms during this 10 day period (December 4-13), please have him/her tested. Any student who does test positive during this time will have to be quarantined for an additional 10 days. (Covid 19 Guidelines)

An elementary schedule was sent out last week and the Beloit Campus will follow it's daily schedule.

Our Board and Godly Stewardship meeting tomorrow evening will be conducted virtually.

At this time, athletics will return Tuesday, December 14.

Thank you for your support to keep our RCCS community safe and healthy.

Yours in Christ,

John Kaminski - Head of School